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Galatians and Ephesians Study Workbook

The Pillar of Truth Series workbooks provide the Bible student with a meaningful understanding of the New Testament epistles. Not only do they familiarize the student with biblical context and content, but they also help prepare him to become a teacher of the Word of God.  Galatians and Ephesians Study Workbook continues this endeavor by providing insightful and practical analysis of two of Paul’s most important epistles. 


Galatians is Paul’s answer to those seeking to justify themselves by human effort (or works) rather than rely upon the grace of God for their spiritual completion. Its theme and messages are as relevant for Christians today as they were for believers some two thousand years ago. It also gives us a personal look into the heart of the apostle Paul himself and the ministry that he provided to those in ancient Galatia. Ephesians is a tribute to the spiritual church of Christ, and provides critical doctrinal teaching on the “eternal purpose” of God. It also offers practical applications of these doctrines in everyday Christian life. These applications also are relevant, timeless, and essential for one’s successful walk with the Lord. 


These two epistles lead us into a deeper understanding of the grace of God and the remarkable blessings of being “in Christ.”Galatians and Ephesians Study Workbook serves to highlight these very things, and is designed for use in either private or classroom studies. 


Spiral-bound (lays flat), 121 pages. Price: $8.95