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Acts Commentary

The book of Acts provides the historical and theological link between Christ’s earthly ministry and the church founded in His name. By His authority and with the Holy Spirit’s guidance, Christ’s apostles fulfilled what He had personally commanded them to do. The inspired record of their work (and the efforts of many other faithful believers) serves as a timeless blueprint for Christian evangelism, the method of conversion, the founding of churches, church work, and the defense of the gospel in even the most difficult of circumstances. Christians today have a moral responsibility to read, learn, and duplicate the ministry of the gospel as described in this record. Those who diligently follow this blueprint will be sound in who they are and what they do.

Acts Commentary has been written to assist not only preachers and teachers but every Christian to this very end—namely, to read and understand the book of Acts. Much effort has been made to provide a straightforward, readable, and explanatory coverage of this sacred work. Acts Commentary is an excellent resource for all who desire to study God’s word in its biblical and historical context.


Hardback with jacket, 356 pages. Price: $22.75